The Elephant in the Room

The Elephant in the Room

Andy Anderson: Elephant in the room

There is lady named Harris.
She soon became heiress.
Her stock options were quite successful,
off the backs of no one restful.
And wouldn’t you know after all the shows,
her children’s book of 40 pages
will live on into the ages.
Never purchased, never borrowed,
but those stock options never sorrowed.
Shouting, shouting, against the wall
tell me something not so small,
Like wind and rain and gusts and drops,
people suffer under tops.
Say one thing and mean another,
have an agenda and seek it with others.
I hold my breath so I won’t drowned
from the sickening, sickening sound.
Color and race is now abound,
after resting almost sound.
Wounds won’t heal, you’ve come to steal
those righteous words with no appeal.
An Attorney at Law
or a day at the spa
Harris, Harris, is the heiress to them all. 

-Glenn Media

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