Love Always Hopes For The Best


I opened my ears
and heard the shouting politicians,
and the sound seeped my ear drums
and flowed into my brain,
and all I could see is a lie in my head.

I softly stepped to the right,
I walk very slow,
I can’t explain my points-
I might overstep,

So pardon the wild crazy thing I just said-
I’m just not the same with politicians in my head.

-Glenn Media

The Elephant in the Room

There is lady named Harris.
She soon became heiress.
Her stock options were quite successful,
off the backs of no one restful.
And wouldn’t you know after all the shows,
her children’s book of 40 pages
will live on into the ages.
Never purchased, never borrowed,
but those stock options never sorrowed.
Shouting, shouting, against the wall
tell me something not so small,
like wind and rain and gusts and drops,
people suffer under tops.
Say one thing and mean another,
have an agenda and seek it with others.
I hold my breath so I won’t drowned
from the sickening, sickening sound
color and race is now abound,
after resting almost sound.
Wounds won’t heal, you’ve come to steal
those righteous words with no appeal.
An attorney at law
or a day in the spa
Harris, Harris is the heiress to them all. 

– Glenn Media


Weather one is watching a hail storm or
looking down at a mighty river,
the experience of nature is life renewing.

One can’t help but gaze at the elaborate and methodical growth of a single moss patch

or the roar of an aggressive gale.
Time spent in nature is time realizing that you don’t know it all.
This earth is meant to be enjoyed.

Everyone has a part of nature that they relate to.
These are places to get to know yourself again.

– Glenn Media

I’m Quitting & Moving On

Anything worth achieving in life has a dip, Seth Godin, writer of The Dip explains how to quit.  There are two types of quitting says Seth. Strategic quitting and reactive quitting. Successful people are persons who strategically quit things in life. Making a conscious decision to take out what isn’t serving them and get outContinue reading “I’m Quitting & Moving On”

There’s A Price to Pay When You Mess With Mother Nature

“Everybody complains about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.” –Charles Dudley Warner; co-authored the novel The Gilded Age: A Tale of Today… Weather Modification Inc. Cloud seeding generators like the one in Wyoming are all over the United States. Let me walk you through how ground seeding operates and tell you a littleContinue reading “There’s A Price to Pay When You Mess With Mother Nature”


Millennial Standing so asleep, events I can’t escapeLately, I just turn them into excuses.Following the sun, asleep.Lately, I just turn them into demons.Always asleep when I am awake,guess it’s just my rotten luck. I see everything, I see everything,but I can’t see above it.Standing so asleep, events I can’t escape.Lately, I just turn them intoContinue reading “Millennial”

PET Plastics Can Be Destroyed

 Morgan Vague, was nominated for Time’s Person of the Year in 2019. Interested in microbiome, Vague discovered an enzyme that breaks down plastic. She perused her theory; The ability for bacteria to come up with food sources may have evolved to include plastic. Morgan, was right. This Texas native, was able to successfully isolate threeContinue reading “PET Plastics Can Be Destroyed”

Change Your Mindset

If you were given a pendulum and you were asked to calculate a point in the future, you might think it would be relatively simple. It should be predictable with the known laws of motion. The calculation is so hard that it requires a computer. Let’s say you accomplished this and I asked you toContinue reading “Change Your Mindset”


Keep going because they are all watching. The ones that said you couldn’t do it. The ones who know you can do it. The ones that want to know what you are doing. And the ones that want to stop you from doing it. Many times God is moving forward in you because He wantsContinue reading “Drive”

Experiment on Civilians

Factcheck.org Factcheck.org used by all major media companies to dispel rumors and false information of Covid- 19 vaccination problems.  This site is a third party organization who is outside of both the media tycoons and the medical field.  The sites main purpose is to fact check information and disinformation of corona virus vaccines. This siteContinue reading “Experiment on Civilians”

Simone Biles: Don’t Flip Out

 Simone stepping away is getting a lot of press. Not all is good. Simone Biles a senior international elite and defending Olympic Champion withdrew from individual all-around competition at the Olympics to focus on her mental well-being during Tokyo’s summer games.  Early this week during Simone’s vault and floor exercises she experienced a disruption inContinue reading “Simone Biles: Don’t Flip Out”

Henny Penny

The sky is falling.  Everyone remembers the children’s tale of Henny Penny. As the tale goes, Henny Penny gets hit on the head by a falling acorn, because she is naive and simple minded, she is convinced the sky is falling. She then spends the rest of the day convincing others, like Goosey Lucy andContinue reading “Henny Penny”

The Elephant in the Room

There is lady named Harris.She soon became heiress.Her stock options were quite successful,off the backs of no one restful.And wouldn’t you know after all the shows,her children’s book of 40 pageswill live on into the ages.Never purchased, never borrowed,but those stock options never sorrowed.Shouting, shouting, against the walltell me something not so small,Like wind andContinue reading “The Elephant in the Room”


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