There’s A Price to Pay When You Mess With Mother Nature

There’s A Price to Pay When You Mess With Mother Nature

“Everybody complains about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.”

Charles Dudley Warner; co-authored the novel The Gilded Age: A Tale of Today...

Weather Modification Inc.

Cloud seeding generators like the one in Wyoming are all over the United States. Let me walk you through how ground seeding operates and tell you a little about how it works. First cloud seeding is a way to generate additional precipitation from clouds in the form of rain or snow. It works through the introduction of tiny particles that create additional droplets or ice, thereby accelerating precipitation. This technology has been in use since 1942. It is utilized in dozens of countries around the world. Cloud seeding can be applied from the ground or the air. From the ground they are run remotely. A satellite modem grabs signal to start the process. It has a computer box that will turn on the generator which has a propane tank that turns on a burner. From there a temperature sensor will come on and start heating. This tells the solutions tank full of the seeding agent (insoluble; Silver Iodide) to pressurize the system.  This will release the agent into the atmosphere. There are nitrogen tanks that pressurize the solutions system so the agent can reach the height of twenty-five feet.

This allows the agent to the reach tower above and carry the plume of atomized chemical in the wind. It is a pretty straight-forward system. There are solar panels that re-charge the batteries that power the system. Weather modification can be found in many states. All you need is a permit through the National Environmental Agency. Currently eight states have a continuous permit and take advantage the technology known as cloud seeding.

States such as Texas (link), Colorado (link), Idaho (link), and Wyoming (link) are the largest continuous utilizers.

“Cloud seeding is not risk free”

What does cloud seeding actually involve, and does it have any adverse effects? Cloud seeding is not risk free. Based on the knowledge we have theoretically seeding is successful but, we have to be extremely cautious when disrupting Mother Nature. Geo engineering has its own impacts. What is known in textbooks the compound used in seeding called Silver iodide is harmful. The chemical is known to be toxic to humans, animals, and ocean eco systems particularly fish. Silver iodide is Insoluble. Meaning that it is incapable of being dissolved. What effects is this chemical having on our physical bodies, our livestock, and our plants? Have you ever wondered how in the 70’s everyone started to get skin cancer? Ever wonder why farmers are having to continuously change the chemicals/pesticides or why livestock inoculation and supplements are changed continuously?

It makes you consider your heath by extension. The rain water that comes from cloud seeding is collected in rivers, lakes and streams is used for drinking water. We know from chemical scientist, that the chemical used for seeding, Silver iodide, is toxic and must be handled with care. When ingested causes irritation of the digestive tract, called Chronic Ingestion. This basically means chronic poisoning is created through long- term/continuous exposure to the poison where symptoms do not occur immediately but over time. The toxicological properties of this substance claim to not be fully investigated. But, GE has independent and private studies that, I’m sure, reveal this information. Inhalation causes respiratory tract irritation. Most often these individual are placed on ventilators. Silver iodide targets your thyroid. (link).

This is what we know:

The chemicals are only handled by individuals who have been trained to handle it. Chemical scientist have proven through chemical law, compounds that are Insoluble are rarely insoluble. It is seldom for absolutely no solute to dissolve at all.

However, many substances are poorly soluble.  The soluble threshold is just high enough for silver iodide to pass in the 40’s. For example, very little silver chloride dissolves in water, so it is said to be insoluble in water. This is the same for silver iodide. Both chemicals are known to be used in cloud seeding under private contract that are privately regulated in the United States. Note a compound may be insoluble in one solvent yet fully miscible in another. Also, several factors affect solubility. One of the most important is temperature. Increasing temperature frequently improves the solubility.

There are studies that reflect silver iodide is soluble in heat. And if chronic inhalation or ingestion in heat happens known problems of kidney damage, stomach distress, headaches, and fatigue take place. The exact time between symptoms is unclear. The concept of heat in the body is the same as a burner or any external heat.

Your body’s resting internal temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.  Chew on this for a while, I’ll write more about the topic in another post. After all, this will be a nice segue into a deeper talk about health & exposure.

Silver Iodide– A chemical compound. Yellow insoluble powder that darkens on exposure to light. It is used in photography and artificial rainmaking.

   Insoluble– meaning (of a substance) incapable of being dissolved.


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