Self Awareness

We End up Here, Where We Choose to Be

Rather than thinking of liberation at some future time.
It can be found through the practice of letting the little things go.
One at a time.

If we do not,
we run the risk of being dragged along,
moments lost hauled through in anxiety,
Feelings avaded.
Seconds pass in days and,
years pass in moments,
remembering empty loss of thoughts un-tangled,
without conscious awareness life’s love or passion.
The sun will rise & set,
With no measure.
Empty recollection of our importance.
We end, where we do not choose to be.

one at a time,
Letting go means learning how to lighten up,
Enlighten up, here where we choose to be.
one step, one moment,
one sun rise & one sun set,
Measured in evaluation.
Loosen your tight grip on things.
Relax your tendencies to try & control everything in your environment.

Let the little things go,
One at a time,
Here and now, where you choose to be.


Tram by Danube Budapest

A Tram by the Danube, Budapest. By: Paul Thuysbaert/Courtesy Four Seasons

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