Simone Biles: Don’t Flip Out

Simone Biles: Don’t Flip Out

 Simone stepping away is getting a lot of press. Not all is good. Simone Biles a senior international elite and defending Olympic Champion withdrew from individual all-around competition at the Olympics to focus on her mental well-being during Tokyo’s summer games.  Early this week during Simone’s vault and floor exercises she experienced a disruption in her normal routine that ultimately lead her to take future action. After landing in Japan Simone was asked to abruptly stop her ADHD medicine by Tokyo Olympic Physicians to compete in the summer games as they are a form of amphetamines. Tokyo is sensitive to amphetamines. Joe Rogan, former UFC commentator, now podcast host thinks she isn’t getting a fair shake. Less than ten minutes and worth the listen, linked it below. Ms. Biles is subscribed to a drug for her ADHD after being diagnosed by her doctor years prior. This information has already came out in past Olympics and was accepted. Simone, has always been forth coming with her information. Some are disputing it gave her a leg-up. Last Olympic games she won 5 Olympic medals in Rio. Overall 30 Olympic and World Championship medals in her career.

Joe Rogan: Podcast Simone Biles

She is a beast. With Simone stepping down from individuals this leaves the door wide open for the all-around, a title. Simone isn’t skipping a beat. She has massive support from her fans. And has started a website called Simone Biles titled: Don’t Flip Out.  I would like to know how many US Olympic athletes had to stop other medications that are banned in Japan. It would be interesting to know. In my opinion, we aren’t performing our best in Tokyo.

Times MagazineSimone Biles; World Championships’ Most Decorated Gymnast

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