Experiment on Civilians

Experiment on Civilians


Factcheck.org used by all major media companies to dispel rumors and false information of Covid- 19 vaccination problems.  This site is a third party organization who is outside of both the media tycoons and the medical field.  The sites main purpose is to fact check information and disinformation of corona virus vaccines. This site is claimed as reputable and used by media tycoons and news companies like Facebook and USA Today. The question no one is asking, who is paying for the fact checking?  This might be more important than you think.

Fact checkers at factcheck.org claim to be independent and unaffiliated.  But, in fact are funded by an organization that holds over 1.8 billion dollars in stock of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. A United States Congressman, Thomas Massie of Kentucky, directly addresses this problem of collusion along with an additional link. The Former Director of Center of Disease Control and prevention (CDC), Dr. Tom Frieden.

Turns out Thomas Massie is right.  The funding of factcheck.org are indirectly funded by benefactors who hold billions in the same stock, Johnson & Johnson. The sites largest and most steady benefactor is the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. This is a health organization. Who pays funding to factcheck.org. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is also run by another former CDC Director, Richard Bessor, MD.

Rich Besser CEO; Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Currently both Former CDC Directors are viewed as reputable sources of information toward vaccine health. Bessor talks in his article with USA Today, setting the stage back in April, to push for more vaccinations and polices for children’s health toward vaccination.  Using his Foundation, influence and his facts to support his opinions. Bessor, seems to have accurate foresight. The site claims although there are commonalities there is no interference in its editorial decisions.

Experiment on Civilians

  It seems that we are either uninformed or misinformed. How will American people be able to get information needed to make the best decisions for their families when social media and main stream media are being fed colluded information? I don’t know the answer to that.


This is a site that pulls out the politics & fact checks the fact checkers.


  1. Yaya says:

    Corruption is everyone’s problem, not someone else’s problem. Morals- what happened to Morals.

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    1. L.K.G says:

      Morals were bought. .. .

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