Simone Biles: Don’t Flip Out

Simone Biles: Don’t Flip Out  Simone stepping away is getting a lot of press. Not all is good. Simone Biles a senior international elite and defending Olympic Champion withdrew from individual all-around competition at the Olympics to focus on her mental well-being during Tokyo’s summer games.  Early this week during Simone’s vault and floor exercisesContinue reading “Simone Biles: Don’t Flip Out”

The Elephant in the Room

The Elephant in the Room There is lady named Harris.She soon became heiress.Her stock options were quite successful,off the backs of no one restful.And wouldn’t you know after all the shows,her children’s book of 40 pageswill live on into the ages.Never purchased, never borrowed,but those stock options never sorrowed.Shouting, shouting, against the walltell me somethingContinue reading “The Elephant in the Room”