Change Your Mindset

Change Your Mindset

If you were given a pendulum and you were asked to calculate a point in the future, you might think it would be relatively simple. It should be predictable with the known laws of motion. The calculation is so hard that it requires a computer. Let’s say you accomplished this and I asked you to do it again with slightly different conditions. It is easy to assume you might also assume the output would be only slightly different but, instead you get chaos. Tiny changes of an input means a large change to the output. This also relates to human behavior.  

Edward Lorenz an American meteorologist and mathematician identified that in chaotic systems even the tiniest changes in systems magnify the outcome. He was renowned in mathematics by Dartmouth and Harvard. After World War II he dove into meteorology by applying laws and mathematics. His team and himself coined what we understand as the butterfly effect, formally known as Chaos Theory. Not the 2004 sci-fi thriller movie, The Butterfly Effect starting Ashton Kutcher. Although, the principles of Chaos Theory are present.

It is hard to predict anything in a faraway point in time.  It is safe to say without extremely accurate and precise information it is almost impossible to predict any future information.  As humans we are always trying to make sense of the world. All small changes positive or negative shape you and the presence around you.

Every smile, every laugh and helpful hand changes the trajectory of your path and the subjects around you. This theory is prevalent in psychology and neurology.

Give your pendulum a new outcome. Bring energy back into your life by taking control of your thoughts and actions towards yourself and others. God says; do not be deceived, you reap what you sow, and that is shown in nature with chaos theory. Commit to the positive actions every single day.  You do not get in life what you want, you get in life what you are.  You cannot reinvent the wheel or a pendulum but, you can dramatically change your outcome with a few small changes.



Keep going because they are all watching. The ones that said you couldn’t do it. The ones who know you can do it. The ones that want to know what you are doing. And the ones that want to stop you from doing it.

Many times God is moving forward in you because He wants you to embrace His plans and move forward, trusting Him each step of the way. Therefore, the power to move forward is a command from God who knows that there is a possibility of a new level.

– Kachi Collins
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Experiment on Civilians

Experiment on Civilians used by all major media companies to dispel rumors and false information of Covid- 19 vaccination problems.  This site is a third party organization who is outside of both the media tycoons and the medical field.  The sites main purpose is to fact check information and disinformation of corona virus vaccines. This site is claimed as reputable and used by media tycoons and news companies like Facebook and USA Today. The question no one is asking, who is paying for the fact checking?  This might be more important than you think.

Fact checkers at claim to be independent and unaffiliated.  But, in fact are funded by an organization that holds over 1.8 billion dollars in stock of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. A United States Congressman, Thomas Massie of Kentucky, directly addresses this problem of collusion along with an additional link. The Former Director of Center of Disease Control and prevention (CDC), Dr. Tom Frieden.

Turns out Thomas Massie is right.  The funding of are indirectly funded by benefactors who hold billions in the same stock, Johnson & Johnson. The sites largest and most steady benefactor is the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. This is a health organization. Who pays funding to The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is also run by another former CDC Director, Richard Bessor, MD.

Rich Besser CEO; Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Currently both Former CDC Directors are viewed as reputable sources of information toward vaccine health. Bessor talks in his article with USA Today, setting the stage back in April, to push for more vaccinations and polices for children’s health toward vaccination.  Using his Foundation, influence and his facts to support his opinions. Bessor, seems to have accurate foresight. The site claims although there are commonalities there is no interference in its editorial decisions.

Experiment on Civilians

  It seems that we are either uninformed or misinformed. How will American people be able to get information needed to make the best decisions for their families when social media and main stream media are being fed colluded information? I don’t know the answer to that.

This is a site that pulls out the politics & fact checks the fact checkers.

Simone Biles: Don’t Flip Out

Simone Biles: Don’t Flip Out

 Simone stepping away is getting a lot of press. Not all is good. Simone Biles a senior international elite and defending Olympic Champion withdrew from individual all-around competition at the Olympics to focus on her mental well-being during Tokyo’s summer games.  Early this week during Simone’s vault and floor exercises she experienced a disruption in her normal routine that ultimately lead her to take future action. After landing in Japan Simone was asked to abruptly stop her ADHD medicine by Tokyo Olympic Physicians to compete in the summer games as they are a form of amphetamines. Tokyo is sensitive to amphetamines. Joe Rogan, former UFC commentator, now podcast host thinks she isn’t getting a fair shake. Less than ten minutes and worth the listen, linked it below. Ms. Biles is subscribed to a drug for her ADHD after being diagnosed by her doctor years prior. This information has already came out in past Olympics and was accepted. Simone, has always been forth coming with her information. Some are disputing it gave her a leg-up. Last Olympic games she won 5 Olympic medals in Rio. Overall 30 Olympic and World Championship medals in her career.

Joe Rogan: Podcast Simone Biles

She is a beast. With Simone stepping down from individuals this leaves the door wide open for the all-around, a title. Simone isn’t skipping a beat. She has massive support from her fans. And has started a website called Simone Biles titled: Don’t Flip Out.  I would like to know how many US Olympic athletes had to stop other medications that are banned in Japan. It would be interesting to know. In my opinion, we aren’t performing our best in Tokyo.

Times MagazineSimone Biles; World Championships’ Most Decorated Gymnast

Henny Penny

Henny Penny

The sky is falling.  Everyone remembers the children’s tale of Henny Penny. As the tale goes, Henny Penny gets hit on the head by a falling acorn, because she is naive and simple minded, she is convinced the sky is falling. She then spends the rest of the day convincing others, like Goosey Lucy and Turkey Lurkey, the sky was most certainly falling and the world was ending. The story does not end well after they meet the sly Foxy Woxy. I don’t want to give everything way so read the tale. Golden Girls, season 6 reenacts a version of the tale. This fable is told and interpreted as a warning not to believe everything one is told. Between the news stations, Biden, Russia, and half of Europe the world is in freak out mode.  Just about half the country. Every day we take on a new urgency. It is being amplified by the media. Blue check marks and Instagram influence add to the mounting hysteria. Partisan activist outlets want to keep you clicking on their videos and articles.

Henny Penny by Paul Galdone

So what if it’s not true?  We are living longer, happier and healthier lives than in past. Everything isn’t perfect but, it’s pretty good. Remember this when you begin to freak out about your job, the nation’s health, or UFO’s and the world ending.

“Fearmongering works because we allow it to: we play our part in the cycle of fear, blame, and hatred. We allow ourselves to respond in kind to hatred and to hit back, even though we know our actions will only escalate the hatred. We learn to hate, too. We become the equivalent opposite of those who hate us. Yet we think that our hate is righteous, excused by the hatred we have so long endured. But hatred is still hatred. It is still cold. It is still dead. And it is still dehumanizing.”

Abdul El-Sayed, Healing Politics: A Doctor’s Journey into the Heart of Our Political Epidemic

The Elephant in the Room

The Elephant in the Room

Andy Anderson: Elephant in the room

There is lady named Harris.
She soon became heiress.
Her stock options were quite successful,
off the backs of no one restful.
And wouldn’t you know after all the shows,
her children’s book of 40 pages
will live on into the ages.
Never purchased, never borrowed,
but those stock options never sorrowed.
Shouting, shouting, against the wall
tell me something not so small,
Like wind and rain and gusts and drops,
people suffer under tops.
Say one thing and mean another,
have an agenda and seek it with others.
I hold my breath so I won’t drowned
from the sickening, sickening sound.
Color and race is now abound,
after resting almost sound.
Wounds won’t heal, you’ve come to steal
those righteous words with no appeal.
An Attorney at Law
or a day at the spa
Harris, Harris, is the heiress to them all. 

-Glenn Media

First Rule of Fight Club

First Rule of Fight Club

 An entire generation pumping gas, waiting tables, slaves to white collars. Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes. Working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don’t need. We are the middle children of history, man. No purpose of place. We have no great war, no great depression. Our great war is the spiritual war. Our great depression is our lives. We have all been raised on television to believe that one day we will be millionaires and movie stars and rock gods but, we won’t. We are slowly learning that fact.

Fight Club 1999 Thriller/Drama Movie

Brad Pitt 1999 movie Fight Club

Don’t Become Immovable

Don’t Become Immovable

Life is mathematical. Often you are a part of many equations. Perhaps some of love, some of business, and some of friendships. You are never just in one. A common denominator is a shared multiple of the denominators of several fractions. That sounds loaded but, so is life. The best advice that someone has ever given me is to not take advice from someone that is living a life that you don’t want to live. Keep the relationships you have the formula to your life. Cancel out the bad and redistribute the good. The quality of your formula determines the quality of your piece of mind. Be mindful, be intentional and evaluate if your equation is a balance of you, or is it someone else’s idea of you.

Healthy Balance

Healthy Balance

Calories are a funny thing in the media and the fitness world. How many calories? Too many calories? Not enough calories? Calories can be really negative they can create eating disorders. But also, they’re a great way to learn about food like nutrients and portions. calories are great way to lean about food. Even the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) think so too. As it’s first thing you see on each Nutrition Facts label placing them front and center in bold type face. There’s always that tough line of the reality of weight loss, being in a calorie deficit, or weight gain, being in calorie surplus. When we become over fixated the joy of eating healthy becomes numbers and restrictions. You stop seeing the love that someone put into the food and you just see food as protein. For my own sake and my own view on calories I eat to satiation. I eat when I am hungry and try not to snack. I eat whole foods like grains, black beans, corn and squash. My favorite lunch is made up of homemade hummus, shelled sunflower seeds, sliced bell pepper, rice, pickled cucumber and onion and a filet of fish. Not the McDonald’s burger, but an actual nicely portioned filet. I like it in a single bowl and I cover it in as much sauce as I feel like that day. It is SO delicious.

2 tbsp soy sauce
4 tbsp local honey
2 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp salt
1 tbsp sliced cilantro
1tbp fine cut onion
Add red chili flakes to taste
Let this mixture sit in the refrigerator for at least 10 min.

It’s easier than you think